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Utility Trailer Service

North End Spring & Trailer is here to service your trailer needs.  We have a large inventory of parts in stock so our trailer specialists can get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Whether your utility, boat, RV, fifth wheel, equipment or car hauler trailer need a new axle, hubs & drums or suspension service our trained and experienced trailer team can help you solve your problem!

Call us at 204-632-1517 to speak with our trailer experts to book your service appointment.

Utility Trailer Services we provide include:

Axle Replacement 

  • Are your trailer tires wearing unevenly? If they are, you could have a bent axle. We can gauge the axle to determine if it is bent and replace the axle if required.

Brake Replacement

  • The timing of brake replacements is dependent on how much you use your trailer and how heavy of a load you are carrying. 
  • Electric brakes: Are you having to keep adjusting the gain higher for your brake controller? It could be time for replacing your electric brakes.
  • Hydraulic brakes: If your trailer is not slowing down as you would expect, your hydraulic brakes may need to be replaced. 

Suspension Rebuild

  • If you are hearing clunking noises, it could be your suspension talking to you. Come talk to our specialists to assess your trailer suspension.

Bearing Re-Pack

  • Have you ever noticed a trailer on the side of the highway missing a wheel. That is typically bearing failure due to lack of service.
  • Depending on how often and how many miles your put on your trailer will depend on the timing for bearing re-packing.
  • The majority of trailers should be done once a year, those used in extreme situations may need bearing re-packing more often.
  • Boat trailers should be done before winterizing the trailer. Moisture in the bearing will corrode over the winter and require a more costly repair the following season.

Wiring and Lights

  • Before every trip you should always check you brake and signal lights through a visual inspection. If you have any lighting or electrical issues on your trailer we can assist you.

General Maintenance and Inspection

  • You should service your trailer annually to avoid costly repair services. Annual service maintenance will help prevent costly breakdowns and delays on your planned trips or business schedule.