Airbags & Timbren

Airbags - Light Duty Trucks

Heavy or uneven loads can compromise the handling, ride and safety of your pickup, van or RV. Now you have a simple solution: air helper springs.

With air helper springs installed between the frame and the axle, you can easily compensate for every condition — from a full load or towing a heavy trailer to empty.

  • Keep the vehicle front end down. Improve steering control; level headlight beams and improve tire wear.
  • Level off-center loads. Individual air valves allow for adjustment side-to-side and front to rear.
  • Eliminates spring sag. Keeps coil and leaf springs from sagging under repeated or constant loads.
  • 0-100 psi air adjustment improves the ride by allowing the air springs to be matched to the load. Reduces bottoming out. Protective air cushion softens contact between axle and frame.
  • Increases vehicle stability. Cushions road shock and provides stability and comfort for passengers, load, and the vehicles components.

Airbags - Heavy Duty Trucks

We stock the Loadshare line of air ride assist kits for the class 8 steering axle.

Timbren Rubber Springs

We are proud to be the Manitoba / North Western Ontario supplier of Timbren Industries.

Timbren are used by road maintenance fleets operating in the worst of weather and road conditions to protect their truck suspensions. They provide load carrying capacity, operating height control, stabilization, lower maintenance costs, reduced downtime, and better drivability. Mounted between the truck frame and the axle Timbren Hollow Rubber Springs work in conjunction with your existing suspension to improve the ride of your truck and to protect your vehicle against overloading.

Excellent for:

  • Service bodies
  • Tow trucks
  • Plows
  • Grain boxes
  • Sand spreaders

Lifetime Warranty Kits — available to 60,000 Lbs.

To view Timbren Industries' great series of instructional videos on YouTube click here.

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