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Spring Type Axle Order Form

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# of Axles Req'd: Capacity per Axle Req'd Hub Face
Type of Spindle Req'd: Straight    4" Drop  Spring Center
Brakes Req'd: Electric     Hydraulic     Disc     None  Flange Face-#4
Hubs/Hub-Drums Req'd: Yes     No     Number of Studs   Wheel Size
Springs Req'd: Yes     No 
Spring Location: Overslung     Underslung 
Hanger Kit Req'd: Single     Tandem     Triple     None     Other 

Special Information

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Information required to order an axle

  1. Hub Face - measured from the hub face on one end to the hub face on the other end
  2. Spring Center - measured from the center of spring seat on one side to the center of spring seat on the other side
  3. Spring Location
    • Overslung - springs mounted on top of axle
    • Underslung - springs mounted on the bottom of axle
  4. If hub face cannot be measured Brake Flange Face can be used - measure from the outside face of the brake flange on one side to the outside face on the other side.